HELP!! Black beard sleeping + High blood sugar


My boy sleep with black beard for 2 days. Attached with his situation in the past month.

He is currently near the end of 5th respiratory infection treatment, the X-ray shot at 13th April shows he is healed but still has two injection to go. He got CT last December and confirmed as lung fibrosis. The treatment this time is as same as the last time and nears the end, so it should not be the reason. Just for some of his background. I improved the environment long before but the vet said he can infect again easily due to fibrosis.

These days situation:
He acted aggressively and wanted to bite that I thought he was mad at me coz I brush his ass after pooping, but turn out he acted in mating behavior by biting plus shaking his body on 14th Apr. His black beard did disappeared.
Then his shows energy outage in the following 2 days without daily routine of glass surfing before pooping. He still pooped but did not run away from the poops. The poops were not in the best shape which is highly due to the injection as the similar pooping situation happened in December treatment. Also refused eating which he ate in 14th the last time.
Besides, his appetite back to normal in the middle of treatment (29th Mar) but started losing weight at the time. I checked and found he started losing weight at the same time of biting intentions which should be mating behavior.

Blood test on 17th Apr:
Doubled glucose compared to the result on 16th March which is the day before injection starts. Cannot ensure the relationship with black beard sleeping.

Symptoms summary:
1) loss of energy and muscle loose right after his aggressive mating behavior day
2) lose weight but ate with normal appetite
3) black beard sleeping
4) doubled glucose in blood

CooperDragon Sicko
Staff member
His black beard and behavior may be due to hormones, but could also be because he is not feeling well from the medications. Hopefully he will start to feel better once the treatment is complete. One of the photos you posted looks like a seminal plug rather than poop. That is common and not harmful. He looks pretty good in the photos and his weight is still within a healthy range. His blood glucose is a bit high, but probably not dangerously high. It would be a good idea to have regular checks to make sure that it doesn't go higher and to have a vet treat if needed. I would probably wait for about 2-3 weeks after treatment is complete and observe him. If he doesn't start to act and feel better then perhaps something else is wrong.


Original Poster
Thanks for replying. Yes, I knew they may get high glucose due to breeding season but not sure if it is related to long time black beard which should stand for illness. Medication is a reason in low possibility as he got the same treatment in December. So I am taking to the vet again tomorrow as he is still sleeping with black beard. The vet said she will check the blood glucose again to see if CT is needed. As I have done some research, Gastric Neuroendocrine Tumors is a possible reason of high glucose though all case patients' glucose reached over 800-1000mg/dL which my boy's level still has a distance. I would like to look for any possibility which can be discovered through clinical diagnosis. I gave him 3.5ml water and 3 small granules of pumpkin and he kind of wanted to vomit but did not.

CooperDragon Sicko
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A gastric neuroendocrine tumor is possible, but as you said, the glucose levels are typically much higher. When one of my dragons had that, the most noticeable symptom was gout. He did not appear sick until a few days before he died. I would first see if energy levels return after the medications are done and a couple of weeks to recover from treatment.


Original Poster
He started tend to vomit yesterday night and continue today. Just now, he got a ~600mg/dL glucose level. According to the vet, the previous cases of GNT patients' blood sugar range from 600-1000up. Therefore, he is having a CT check now to see whether there are tumors or other abnormalities. Bless him. Even the report tomorrow says there is tumor and not yet diffuse which means it can be removed by surgery, I am not sure whether put him suffer as surgeries hurt animals much. Although he still move in normal act but less than before...

CooperDragon Sicko
Staff member
Poor guy. Vomiting is not a good sign. Hopefully the CT will provide helpful information. I wish you both the best.

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