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Help beardie with gout or septic arthritis !


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So long story, I work at a mom and pop pet store, we acquired an adult bearded dragon that someone surrendered saying they found it in their backyard and no one else will take him and they don’t know what to do with. So they said it looked fine so we told them to bring in. The beardie ( who I named Edgar) was definitely under weight, had swollen legs and seemed dehydrated. This was about a month ago. I treated for any parasites and started up some critical care Bc he wasn’t eating and I wanted him to have the nutrition while I waited for his Appetite to come back. About 10 days later he finally started eating on his own and I finally got a poop!! He wasn’t into salad, I figure he’s at least eating on his own ill give him time to continue to adjust before trying salad again. So he’s eating crickets but not really chasing them like most do, he loved his weekly hornworm. Well I got into work on Monday and someone must have given way to many crickets over the weekend and I had to pull like 30-40 out. And I noticed his tail was chewed on but the bugs and luckily he was goin to the vet this morning any. Well the vet said he’s still open mouth breathing a little which he hasn’t been doing as much recently, the tail will heal, but his legs caused a red flag.(I just wana point out I’ve never actually owned my own bearded dragon) she said it could be either gout or septic arthritis but they have to run test he doesn’t want to pay for. And We are not a rescue, we are a store, we just care a lot, but financially we can’t take this on with no return, so I can’t make decisions financial decisions bout an animal that doesn’t belong to me, but the owner has no problem finding a home for him, but he doesn’t want to give it to just anyone if he can’t find a home soon he’s gonna have to be put down, so I’m on here asking for help for any thing I can do to make Edgars life less painful, I’ve ordered black cherry concentrate and that anti inflammatory stuff I found in a beardie shop, I just don’t know how to stop his pain. He wants to live I know he does! He’s eating ,pooping , he’s perking up I just want him better anyone please help! Or am I being selfish.I don’t know how old he is or even if his back story is true, I just know the progress he’s already made?


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So sorry Edgar is having so much trouble! Gout is quickly becoming somewhat common
Do you have pictures of Edgar, along with his tank setup? How bad is the swelling right
That's great you have already ordered black cherry extract, that may help out some for him.
I will PM you for more information about treating for gout, etc. Allopurinol is the best medication
for treating gout.
For now, try to keep his protein intake at a low to moderate level while encouraging more intake
of vegetation. If you aren't able to get any greens or veggies into him, you can get some greens
& squash or sweet potato (baby foods) to blend together. It will make a nice nutritional slurry to
give to him.
Which UVB light are you using for him? Are you also using calcium supplementation for him?

I hope he is feeling better soon,
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