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Okay so I have been considering getting my little guy health insurance while he's young and healthy (no preexisting conditions) but I want to know if it's worth it. I'll have to get better details by calling the insurance company again but I wanted to reach out and see if anyone had some strong opinion about this being either very useful or very unnecessary. I can get an emergency-only plan that is around $15/mo, this would cover injuries or other immediate and serious issues. The other plan is closer to $25/mo and covers both emergency and routine visits. The catch is that you pay the first $150 (for routine) or $250 (for emergency) (a year) out of pocket before they help you cover costs??? Would I even be spending more than $150 on routine stuff? I understand that I could easily have to spend more than $250 on an emergency situation, so that insurance plan makes sense. But am I really going to pay the extra $10 a month for routine coverage, and then if I spend less than $150 on routine visits they won't even cover anything........????? Also insurance is confusing to me so I don't even know if I'm understanding this all correctly.

If anyone wants to try to figure it out better, or has some input on how much beardie vet stuff usually costs, please help. Here is the insurance plan:


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I haven't looked into insurance, so not sure on that part. I would think it would also depend on if your vet accepts that insurance.

I can tell you we took our guy in just for a routine health check last month and it was $155, which was for the health exam, a nail trim, and a fecal test.

Hope that helps some.
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