Goodbye Lizzy May, thank you AHBD AND DRACHE AND MANY MORE!


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its been along time since ive posted, life got busy and my parents required as much care as our darling Lizzy. We lost her tonight despite vet visits and a myriad of challenges due to her being born with ADV. we were very lucky to have her for the six years we did and it was largely thanks to the individuals on here that take the time to help those of us learning about these beautiful special beings we call beardies. Ive cried over lost pets before, this is somehow different. Her passing was harsh, unfair in bet and unless I have a necroscopy done I wont kniw what caused her to randomly gasp for air. The blood was awful and short of being poisoned, she wad recovering from a nasty Protozoac parasite. No warning just panic. Anyway, thank you again everyone who contributed to keeping her alive and healthy and me from going crazy while trying to rescue her.


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don't worry, the moderators can move your post if they want. my condolences on your loss. 💔


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Im so sorry for your loss,the community is still here for you if you need us.

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Oh no, I am so very sorry for your loss of Lizzy. :cry: Losing a precious dragon, is unbearable. It is
particularly hard when they go so suddenly as she did.
Could she have gotten into anything toxic by chance?

My condolences to you. I'm sorry she passed so suddenly.


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