Frantic behavior, stopped eating


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Our ADV-positive beardy has had a long journey and stopped eating for a few months. We got her back eating again for about 2 weeks, and she stopped eating again. But this time, she's exhibiting same fairly frantic behavior.

She will constantly try to get out of her terrarium by scratching at the glass - we will let her out, she will go to a window, sit there for a minute, jump down, then go in a circle, go back to the window, etc. It's like she is constantly trying to get somewhere else. She has been like this since she stopped eating.

We also notice that she is making very faint respiratory sounds once in a while that sound like she might have an upper respiratory infection, but it doesn't quite sound like the same thing I've heard in respiratory infections before. It's much less pronounced. We have an appt with the vet in a week, but we have not had very good luck with this vet who just always suggests putting her down rather than treating her, so any help or insight that you all might have would be appreciated.

The frantic behavior is a bit troubling, and we have not ever seen it before. She basically will not bask and is not really getting any UV because she just keeps wanting to leave the terrarium and go somewhere else.

We considered that there might be something in her terrarium causing her to want to get out all the time, but we have deep cleaned it.

The no eating is also concerning, and we will go back to syringe feeding if we have to.


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Gary, Nari
Maybe she developed eggs. What is her body condition, can you post pics ? Does she have a dig box ?

I had never thought about that possibility. Her stomach is a little bit lumpy looking (which isn't too out of the ordinary), but I cannot feel anything in there. Her restlessness is in line with being gravid, however she never went through a period of lots of eating (she had to be syringe fed for about 5 months, and only started eating recently for 2 weeks). She has been quite ill for much of her life, which also makes me wonder if it's possible she has eggs, but that's just assumption that illness and eggs don't go together well :)

She does not currently have a dig box - we have tried to give her one in the past just for enrichment, but she has always ignored it.

Here is a picture of her, she is a pit pancaked right now :)


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She is very slim, there's still a slight chance she's carrying a small clutch of infertile eggs but no telling from the picture. I hope what ever reason it is that it will not be a health problem. Keep us posted. Best wishes to your pretty leatherback girl. :)

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Wow, she is beautiful! I agree, it is a possibility she has infertile eggs, but it is hard to tell. It can cause
some health issues absolutely.
Adeno can cause various issues but it is notorious for causing respiratory problems. What is the humidity
in the tank? If you feel that she could have some respiratory issues you can consider getting a nebulizer
& use either colloidal silver or a sterile saline solution in it to help out with breathing.
Let us know how she is doing.


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