First dark beard!!! @ 3 months?

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My boy Ziggy was on the deck with us today (on a leash) and he dark bearded! He is only 3 months old! I didn't know they did it so young. Well it was so cute and, of course, completely frightening (hahaha NOT!). It only lasted a second so I couldn't get a pic. But, I had to share. :)


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I guess they can.

i havent seen Reptar do it yet. I havent seen him do the head bob either. And i've seen a less-than-2-months old do the bob.


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Smurf bobbed at his reflection once... well I don't know if it was a bob or just Smurf's surprise that he had a cagemate :blob8:
He's only 7 1/4" so its a bit early I think.


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I show Ziggy his reflection in the mirror after every bath expecting a reaction and nothing.... He can see himself in the glass reflectionalso, so maybe he's just used to his friend. :)
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