Fine, He's an Iguana!

Now that the weather is consistently warm, Rocky has begun making his appearance. Oh, I have a picture with his leash on becaus whew, he was on my back and I just couldnt deal!
Anyways, when we got into the store, of course...the perfect angel on my shoulder.
All of the whispers start. I smile. I love how people think you can't hear them or they stop and wait so I purposely act like I am going in the opposite direction to disappoint them and say, "I'm just kidding, come over here!"

Well at the latest store, everyone called him an iguana. This one lady followed me and said, "If I had bugs, I would feed it to him"
NO - no feeding of Rocky!!!!

Each and every time I hear, "look it's an iguanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"- so, "it's an iguana. In my previous post, I was bothered, since Rocky doesn't pay them any mind, I won't either.

On another note, Rocky HATES outside. When I attempt to take him outside, he runs to my back. Wait a second, as I type this, I wonder if he thinks we are getting in the car LOL

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I get tickled when people say it to. I'll try to correct them once then i just leave it be.

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