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I work for a newspaper, and several of us talk about our pets. Everyone always wants to hear my latest stories, since I have 'strange' animals. My editor has been asking for a long time for me to bring the 'lizzies' up there for her to love on.

Well, we finally decided Blaze was old enough to go on a field trip. We packed her up in a little carry container we have, and put Esham, the Savannah, in a big shoe box and off we went. I had to take them after hours, when the publisher was not there. I don't think she would care if I brought my pets, but we aren't allowed to bring visitors. I needed the SO to help with both of the lizards.

Anyways, Blaze had a blast. She let 3 or 4 people hold her, she never puffed up at anyone and stayed so calm!! I was so proud of her. Esham was not so social, but that's to be expected. Everyone loved him, but not as much as Blazey!

After she was passed around a bit, she sat up on my shoulder for a good 30 minutes while we all talked. I can't believe how much she is growing up!!

We had so much fun today!! Hopefully we can do this again. She didn't seem to mind the car ride, and as always, she loved the sunshine. We visit out of state often, so we are trying to think of a way to take her with us, rather than have someone take care of her while we are gone. We aren't sure this is possible, though. :)


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Glad Blaze enjoyed the field trip. Bogie loves to go anywhere. He loves to ride in the car just to ride. Sometimes he sits on my shoulder and others he soaks up some rays as a dash orniment. :D You should see the looks I get at stop lights. He loves to be handled and didn't even turn a little black at my 4 y/o's pre-k class. If a dozen active 4 y/o didn't stress him nothing will. :D
Take her with you whenever you can. She will love you for it!

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That's funny, it was so nice out today we had the windows down, when some dude in a big truck beside us at the light was looking down in our car, and actually stuck his head out the window to see her. It was funny. We ended up stopping at the same gas station, so he came over to check her out.

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Redrock always loved to go with us. She would stay on mine or my husbands shoulder the whole time. I guess she was a little lazy. She would get this sad look when she knew we were leaving and not taking her with us, such as to church, or to Tucson during the summer. I think she would have been upset if we put her in a carrier of some sort. She was very, very spoiled, but she did know we loved her. She had us trained very well.
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