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@xp29 inspired this post and doesn't even know it.

I was fearful when I obtained Rocky. I researched bearded dragons and simply went for it. I absolutely have no regrets! The first time she puffed up....I was traumatized, seriously! I think she was too because she will blacken when she's upset at me but never has she puffed again. When my spoiled beardie doesn't get what she wants, I know that she wants to puff up but she takes a big gulp instead. I then rub her and say, "good girl"- remember, I am a former dog parent. Now, this doesn't completely lighten the beard but whew do I feel better about the situation.

Back to my point- so today when I was playing with her, at one point Rocky ran towards me to cuddle and I was fearful. I didn't think Rocky would do harm but to see that triangular head from a different angle just did something to me. I thought she looked like a SQUIRREL- I don't like squirrels- but in that split second, I thought about how much I've learned over this last month (almost 2 months) and more importantly, how much she depends on me.
This is the reason why when she blackens, it's when she wants to get into something, but I am protecting her from harm.

Fear usually comes - well at least for me and most- from the unknown. What's interesting is that I am fearful and fascinated at the same time. I didn't think that was possible. My fascination far outweighs the fear. Just like with the dubia roaches, who would've thought I would pick them up with my bear hands when one tries to escape?!
Now the poop disposal is still enough to bring me to my knees- lol And I noticed that now she's to the point where she is sitting in it. My goodness!!!

I thought I would share that while we love our beautiful beardies, the first things many people see besides pointing out that their ugly (to them) is something to fear. It's their loss due to their ignorance- but there's an easy solution.
As I shop and travel with Rocky, I can't tell you how many people have approached me (fascination). I'm sure that many of you have experienced the same...think of it this way, as we educate, we are breaking the walls of fear down 1 by 1~

Oh, one last thing- yesterday I was exhausted, and I brought Rocky in and unzipped her carrier. She too was tired but usually mimics me anyways.
Once I unzip the carrier, she knows that she can exit. I laid my head by the opening (so much for fear right?!!) and as always, she stares at me. This is when again, I was fearful and fascinated. I wonder what she thinks staring at me 24/7 and if she wishes she could talk. We all know that beardies makes things clear with their body language but then I am fearful like why in the world did I get something that stares at me all day LOL that's kind of creepy.

So, do you have a story to share? I would love to read about it.


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I saw the tag line and thougt uh oh lol
But that was well said and spot on. Even though we have never met in the real world I'm proud of you. You are conquering fear and are being rewarded with some great experiences. You are doing great with rocky!!!!
And your correct about changing minds one person at a time. I take at least one of mine every chance i can. It's AMAZING to see people light up when they see them. The most rewarding though is the look on their face when they work up the never to pet them.

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