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Farewell, Sweet Ruby.

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Alright... I've been neglecting to make this post for a while now... As I'm still grieving over it... and it's not a Beardie whom I've lost; but nonetheless I think this'll be the best place to post it. :(

But basically... one night on the 8th of October, I had went and heated up some water and thawed out a rat, In hopes that my Female ball python, Ruby, would eat. She had been continuously off feed for about 6 weeks, then she'd eat for two more then she'd go off feed for another few weeks.

And unfortunately, when I got into my room, I noticed that there was a bit of an odd smell, like a decaying smell.. that had been getting pretty strong... I thought nothing of it and went to Ruby's tank. I immediately noticed that the smell seemed to be coming from her tank.... Which put me on guard...

And when I opened the tank, I was not met by Ruby slithering up the side of the tank to greet me like she usually would, (she was like a little puppy dog. She was the sweetest snake ever.) But that I saw a glimpse of her in the far, cold corner in the side of her tank. I thought to myself that, that isn't good. And unfortunately when I lifted up the cold hide, my dread increasing... and picked her up, my suspicions were sadly enough confirmed. She had died. :cry:

I don't know how she died, or what happened. I have many theories on how but I just don't know. I broke down on my floor into very loud tears and sobs, with her in my hand... And dropped the cup with boiling water that the rat was also in, on me and my floor to add insult to injury. :( I just felt horrible, like I'd have been shot in the gut. I feel so guilty, even though I bet It probably was out of my control... seeing as she was a rescue and possibly was sick all along. I just can't help but feel absolutely horrible about it. She was such a sweet snake, and so adorable... She was my very first snake too.

We buried her the next morning and said our final goodbyes and I bawled my eyes out a bit more. :cry:

I'm tearing up just writing this, But I hope that at least she had a good life... even if it was painstakingly short, She was pampered out the wazoo and I hope, enjoyed herself. :|

So, It pains me to say my goodbyes, but Farewell Sweet Ruby, You were a amazing snake. The best first snake anyone could've asked for, you were very loved by me and my family, And I hope you're in a better place now. ❤️


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