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haleygirll272 I think you might have it backwards. You should never use the caci-sand or any reptile sand as they harden and can cause impaction. Play sand that has been washed is ok for adults but still isn't recommended as it harbors bacteria and mites as Nikki said.

Calci-sand is terrible. I only believe in using reptile sand, but I thought if you changed it often enough, It wouldn't harbor much bacteria. :?

Tile, papertowels, newspaper, lino, shelf lining etc is much much easier to clean, cheaper and healthier for your beardie.

I tried sand for 2 weeks, and i changed it after one, completely changed it, i also ensured that i cleaned out the sand surrounding the poo whenever they went, and i didn't feed them in their viv. At a regualar checkup at the vet after 2 weeks of using sand, they all had parasites. They've never had a problem with parasites before. That sand was outta there quicker that the vet could say ££. It cost me £10 for the sand for 3 vivs, and then £60 to get rid of the parasites in all three beardies.

I personally, wouldn't risk using sand.


It's cheaper!!!!??? :shock:
I'm switching to tile!

"i also ensured that i cleaned out the sand surrounding the poo whenever they went, and i didn't feed them in their viv."

Yea, I do that, no wonder I thiunk he has parasites!!! I'm getting a fecal, and when I'm done....Off to tile or shelf liner. :?
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