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Extremely malnourished bearded dragon!!


BD.org Sicko
TorTor":2x1u520h said:
Ah smart, thank you I didn’t know :) I was giving her a little scrambled egg because I thought she must be starving and it’s filling and good on vitamins and protein, read it was okay sometimes for them. I put her in a warm bath because I heard it helps them hydrate and she started drinking the water on her own, had her face in the water and everything. If I can find a picture I’ll show, it was very surprising. I’ll try some honey and water with a syringe to get her used to it and see if I can get her to take blended/Puréed veggies

Scrambled eggs - not a good idea , too much protein for her , will likely overwhelm her kidneys.

Is a fallacy that soaking a dragon in a bath will hydrate it....
> they do not absorb water through the skin ( arid zone dwellers - skin is impervious to moisture )
> they will not take water in by capillary action via their vent either - that's a nonsense myth .
Will only hydrate them if they actually drink while in the bath. Only way a dragon can get moisture on board is via it's mouth.

BE VERY CAREFUL administering water by mouth by syringe - can very easily cause the dragon to aspirate water into it's lungs ===> VERY BAD !
Best given in very moist IC food replacements in a slurry or a paste form.
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