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I've seen posts in the past, and some more recently, where people were bashing the terms of sale (shipping, price, quality, etc.) for a Forsale thread. This is no longer going to be accepted or tolerated. It is just as rude to post on someone's thread criticizing their choice in selling their product, as it is to knock someone for their choice in name of their bearded dragon.

So, I've decided to provide some guidelines and etiquette for replying to Forsale threads.

Rule 1: Do not bash the person's choices. If you do not like the terms of their offer, do not buy it.

Rule 2: If you do wish to question the terms of the offer (high price, shipping, etc.), do so in PM or email ONLY (see rule 1).

Rule 3: Do not post about competitors (yourself or another) on someone's Forsale thread.

Tip 1: If you are interested, PM or email them. It's best to contact them rather than post on their thread asking them to contact you. Seriously, if you're interested put at least a little effort into to it.

Tip 2: Don't post your email address in the threads. Unless you're using an account you don't mind tons of [more] spam at, I would not recommend posting your email address. Spam bots will likely end up collecting them from the web page, and there's nothing anyone can do about that since you chose to publicly post it.

Tip 3: Always use caution when purchasing anything online. If possible, use a method that retains some control over reversing funds if a deal goes bad. Credit cards (not debit cards) are the best way of doing this. PayPal will sometimes offer protections. If you do encounter fraud, please contact the admin or moderators, using the Report Abuse button. While we are limited in what we can do to resolve it, we can at least investigate whether we have someone perpetrating fraud on this site and stop it from happening in the future.

The "tips" are your option, but are recommendations. The "rules" are not optional.

Thank you.

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