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Hows it going everyone.. I signed up on this forum a few years back after taking in a rescue beardie. He was 6 years old when I got him and was very ill. I did what I could to help the little guy out, he recovered but passed away at 8 years of age. I have also owned leopard geckos in the past, they were rescues too.

Im getting a beardie for my GF and I.. but this time it will be a hatchling. Im in the process of speaking with local breeders (Im in Toronto, if anyone local breeders are reading this shoot me a pm)

Ok, so I built a basic 4x2x2 viv out of plywood.


I have been looking into paints and have found a ton of different opinions.. and ofcourse a 2 part epoxy being the best. I have worked with 2 part expoxies before (http://www.systemthree.com) and they definately do stand the test of time/wear and tear. The problem being is that they are extremely expensive.

I have found this and was wondering how it would do for my project http://www.homedepot.ca/product/finish-vara-ob-bar-table-kit/983239

Its about half the cost of a system three 2 part expoxy and to my knowledge it should work well. Could I just use a simple rustoleom paint and then coat the bar finish over it? I am really trying to avoid dishing out $80+ for some 2 part epoxy.



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What substrate do you plan to use? If it's not going to damp, you may be just fine with a polycyrlic or polyurethane if you have the time to let it cure. I'm interested in other folks advice though, I hope to find an inexpencive waterpoof seal for my next build.


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There is no doubt that Epoxy finishes win with regards to durability, toughness, and resistance to moisture. However many of them do not hold up well to UV light...just an FYI.

However bearded dragons do not thrive in moist habitats, and as such any conventional wood sealant would be a durable and appropriate choice for considerably less money then an epoxy. Personally I would use Polycrylic as it is water based, cures in less then a week, and is easy to use. The more durable polyurethanes can also be used, but care should be taken to let them cure for as long as needed, which can be several weeks.

The above finishes offer plenty of water resistance to stand up to cleanings. Many of them also stand up well to UV.

But in all honesty, just about any hard drying coating is non-toxic once cured. So almost any epoxy would work.


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2 coats of paint, 3 coats of polycrylic minwax, joints sealed with some aquarium sealant, lighting complete

had some extra baseboard kickin around.. so why not.

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