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Littlefoot is 10. This year she has already laid 3 clutches of eggs. Clutches are laid over the course of three or four days with anywhere from 1 to 8 being laid per day. Clutch size is around 15 to 20. My concern started with her weight. She is very skinny, prominent hip bones,prominent tail bones,no fat pads. As she is constantly in egg production she eats very little on her own. I have been syringe feeding daily. She is given Repashy Beardie Buffet, Veggie Burger,Pumpkin Pie, and homemade slurries of supers,crickets, dubias, collard, alfalfa, squash, etc. She is given 9 to 21 mls per day, heavily dusted with Zoo Med Calcium powder (with and with out D3). Repashy calcium plus is used about once per week. Despite the feedings, she loses about 5 grams of body weight that at this point does not come back. Total loss is about 15 grams since February.

Two nights ago she finished laying another clutch. This time, every time she passed an egg watery poop followed. I continued to provide slurries. After she used her dig box, she was exhausted,this was around 9 pm. The next day, she was very lethargic, with flattened eyebrows, no Blackbeard. I gave her 16 MLS of slurry, 12 MLS of water, and a bath, but her eyebrows remained flattened.

I am concerned, not sure what more I can do. Looking for advice. Reptile vet cannot see her until the end of the week, but I doubt there would-be anything that could be done. Worried I am going to lose her to egg laying. It is zapping everything out of her.

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Ah, that is a tough go for Littlefoot at 10 yrs. old. The slurries + other stuff you give her are excellent nutrition that she needs right now. You've taken great care of her, her age is a problem because as you already well know that all the egg laying depletes her. The extra poo she has during egg laying is because of the high amount of hydration. You can lay off a little bit of the water and some of the foods that are known for promoting b.m.'s slow down on that a little, not much but just a little. Poor girl needs a break but her body is just developing all those eggs. Can you post a few pics of her to show her condition ?


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Her eyebrows returned to normal and although she is not as active as a couple weeks ago is still trucking along. No black bearing. Still getting slurries into her and so far no watery poop. Poop has actually been sent the last two days.


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She looks like she's ready for a weekend at the beardie spa. :) All kidding aside, she looks good despite obviously being tired, bright eyes and just a bit underweight.

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Sorry your girl is having some trouble, egg laying at that age is definitely rough on her body!
Spaying is probably not an option either, at her age.
She does look good overall, but a little tired which is expected. Has her beard been dark at all?
Littlefoot is really a trooper, so few dragons at that age, lay so many!
I would definitely get extra fluids & calcium into her. Maybe try some kelp, to help bring up her
iron levels, naturally.
Let us know how she is doing & how things go at the vets.


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