Do they really get big and bite

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I read on one of the strings that some ones beardie bit him and he almost had to get stiches (the man not the dragon)is this normal, will mine grow up and bite the hand that feeds and loves him? If so is there any way to keep them less agressive? please let me know. Whos beardie has bit them and whos has not?

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It's pretty rare for a dragon to bite. Daily petting, handling, and (of course) feeding can help with this. You may try feeding your baby out of your hand to build trust. Most dragons grow up to be very sweet and love cuddling. Some dragons, just like other animals, are more aggressive and it seems to have little or nothing to do with the way they are handled. It is often recommended that when you pick up your dragon you approach from the front, not the side or back because that is predatory behavior; however, Tyson, my boyfriends dragon, likes to be picked up from the side (I do make sure that he sees me before I pick him up so I don't scare him). He is 9-10 months old and currently a very sweet guy as most dragons are.


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The only way I can imagine a beardie growing up to bite is because it was neglected. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Most all of mine love to get attention. The ones that don't simply love it, tolerate it enough to make me believe they just might like it.

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I believe it is all about how you raise them. If you handle them daily and are gentle with them they are generally very sweet, gentle creatures. Like any other pet, if they are mistreated or neglected, then yes they can have behavior problems and get snippy. There are alot of rescues that show aggressive behavior towards their owners, but 9 times out of 10 those dragons were mistreated...can you blame them?!

Like any other animal (or person) beardies can sometimes get a little snippy if not feeling well or even when startled. Like Jessica said, their bites generally don't hurt...they startle you more than they hurt you.

Bearded dragons are actually rated to be one of the best pets for children. I don't believe this would be true if bearded dragons were known to be vicious or harmful.

The odds of you getting bit by a beardie are far less than that of a cat or dog!


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:blob8: to everything Dawn said.Gina only bit me because she was not handled at all by her previous owners and was mistreated. Now that she understands that I would never hurt her she eats from my hand and run to me when she sees me. They are amazing little creatures. If you were to get bit, it just feels like sand paper.
aka hairy arms lol Dawn
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