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Hey everyone!

With the new system, I thought it might be a good idea to suggest to those with a "DIY Guide" that you want to share, that you post them as DIY Guide Resource, under the "Resources" section.

I created a DIY Guide category under the "Member Articles" section. At the moment, you are enabled to post new resources if you have 300 or more posts on the forums (I may reduce that for the DIY category). If you have a DIY guide that you'd like to write up but don't have permissions, please reach out to me.

The ultimate idea is that these guides can be reviewed by other members (feedback), as well as a star rating. In addition, when one of those resources is created, a new thread is created here automatically for discussion. These threads have a "DIY Resource" prefix on them (you can see an example with the one I just setup that is a sticky at the moment).

Anyway... I thought it would be nice to have the actual "guides" separated out, so that those looking for instructions to try their hand with DIY can easily find them.

Hope to see some cool DIY Guides for members to check out!

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