Cutting Family Off....

I will do it! So you think that you are tired of hearing about Rocky? Well, my family is still asking WHY DID I GET HIM? How rude right? Everywhere I go, Rocky is going, so don't even ask! If it's a bar-b-que, Rocky is there, I am not staying long anyways. Plus the season is almost over. LOL and now that he is acclimating to the sun, we are ready for next year.
If I go to the mall- it's a pickup. We are in and out in 5 minutes. I technically could get the item brought to the car.
During conversations, Rocky will come up- I have a funny story to tell and a new discovery that I want to talk about. There is a lot of care that has to go into taking care of a BD* as it's not a "show animal"- well, mine isn't!
Then we have those that think Rocky doesn't understand human communication. They say things like, "WHAT IS HIS PURPOSE IN LIFE?" then try to get him to kiss them or come to him because they admire his calm temperament despite me telling them he doesn't "work like that" UGH-I try to explain that he has feelings and ears. I then call Rocky and he responds and kisses me. Okay, it's the familiarity but shhhh...I will cut the negativity out of my life!
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk! Or was this therapy? Either way I feel better!:LOL::ROFLMAO:

*You know I am pissed that I said BD vs beardie

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