Cuban rock iguana

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I recently got one of these lizards. Currently very small and my problem is he’s not eating.
I had him a week now and no progress. Currently using the megaray 100w with a 100w basic bulb for extra heat. It’s winter here and temps inside are 65-68. Any advice would be appreciated not sure where to post for advice on these lizards. Just seen the iguana forums topic on here.
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CooperDragon":2osemo9b said:
Does he look alert or is he acting lethargic? How high are the basking surface temps? A 100w MegaRay is a good bulb but has a pretty narrow beam of UVB and heat so it may not be enough. I don't know about Cuban Rock Iguanas specifically but I'd check this article and make sure his setup is similar to what is described.
She looks alert and all over her tank. 90-95 for basking temps. Thank you for the information. Couldn’t find anything on the type of lighting for uvb that would be best. Until she’s big enough spend time outside. But would be 4-6 months outta the year. Could you provide some more details on the mega ray lighting as in narrow. Meaning straight down and not meaning dome lighting area as a uvb source.
So far mostly basking under this light. And also put 100 watt bulb regular for extra heat. Went over the temps with the breeder and said it was fine. Eating that hasn’t increased.
Offering the food breeder recommended until she eats better on her own. Found third stool today in the area she spends most of her time.
Third meaning it’s third stool since I had her.
About all I can really mention not much progress for her first week until my care.
Hoping for the best she’s amazing looking and so beautiful. Starting to see the brown with the shedding process of the new skin. Been misting her once a day even tho I wasn’t recommended to do so. Just trying to help her get it loosen. Don’t think shedding is helping with her already being stressed in a new home.

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It's good that she is alert and moving around her tank. I'd defer to the breeder's advice about feeding and temps. As far as the MegaRay bulbs go, what I've measured is that there is a narrow cone of intense UVB about 4-5 inches in diameter and then the UVB output drops quickly as you move further from the center of the beam. Watching my dragon under the lights, he generally avoids the center and will sit to the side a bit. He has the whole floor to move around on and self regulate so he's just taking what he wants. He also has a plain basking light and is often directly under that (all heat, no UVB). In the tank I prefer using a T5 bulb since that provides a wider spread and I can more easily control temps independently from the UVB output.
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