Crickets, mealworms, romaine lettuce

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ToughPrincess":2871k93k said:

Any lettuce can give most animals the "poops", and mealworms have hard exoskeletons that can be difficult to digest.

I understand that sometimes it's difficult to offer a "perfect" diet, and in no way, shape, or form do I think Lucy has the perfect diet. However, variety is key.

A simple, affordable solution would be kale, crickets, and superworms (if he/she is full grown). It's a little controversial, but Lucy LOVES baby food. I go with the all natural kind and always check to make sure there's simple ingredients. Each jar is only $1 or so and it has a long shelf life. Superworms seem to live longer than crickets for me, too. A quick google search can let you know what you can and can't feed your beardie.

Here's a link to the food guide that I basically live by...

Superworms are VERY controversial. I say no, while others feed them exclusively. IMO, they are not that nutritious and higher in fat in chitin than say, dubias or even crickets.


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Thanks for the information.

quick google search can let you know what you can and can't feed
I disagree with this though. A quick google search gives a wealth of valuable information and a whole lot of terrible misinformation.

It's why I asked some responsible dragon owners I know (who I know are superconscientious about the care of animals I *do* have a lot of experience with and extrapolate that to probably conscientious about their reptiles too) for a recommendation for a reliable forum filled with knowledgeable people. Much easier to interact with real people than surf a million websites not knowing what is trulh and what is lies.

Not that I believe all the posters here are infallible, but you get a sense from reading a forum about who knows what they're taking about and who doesn't and what the controversial topics are and what is a "universal truth" for forum members.


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Just use the beautifuldragons link the other poster put. They have perfect info for food

I am. That's what I posted in my earlier response. :)
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