Cricket catcher

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This is not really a DIY but I thought I would share. When my wife first got her Panther Cham we had a difficult time collecting crickets.

I went to wal*mart and purchased a small handheld vacuum. We use this exclusively for crickets, vacuums up exactly how many you need! I call it the Cricket vac 2000

We are sure to keep all Dragon and Cham equipment either separate or sanitized.

Just thought I would share...


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Thanks for the post :D I meant more of an enclosure for crickets that could sit inside the cage that a beardie could go in and out of but that crickets could not escape from. Then they could feed whenever they want and not be bothered by them loose in the cage. Something like an acrylic box with a two way door or a cutout with rubber flaps.


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I was trying the figure out the same thing. I'd like to have the crickets available to Brutus all the time, but without worrying if they will eat him. Let me know if you come up with anything!
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