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Lenny has started what can only be described as hissing, whlist puffing hiss beard out and opening his mouth. he doesnt do it when i touch him. its lyk hes coughing or sumthing is stuck in his throat.

his temps are ryt, hes eating and sleeping i dnt knw what else to do!

anyone got any ideas???

Thanxz xx


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What exactly do you mean by coughing? Does he have a black beard and/or stress marks when he does this?
Could tell me exactly what type of bulb you have?
I know that sometimes my beardie will puff himself up for no reason randomly and them basically have a huge yawn. He is still sitting there with his bright happy colors. :roll: . Gave me a heart attack and a half when he did that the first time. Someone told me it's how they stretch out.


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Hes kind of hissing. But i am able to hold him and pet him. His beard does go black. It started last night. he had done this before a few weeks ago but he only did it once.

Im just worried as he has been doing it more reguarly today. His buld is 150 watt Exo-Terra Sun Glo spot lamp.



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Was there anything around to scare him at all? Do you have a cat or any other type of animal in the house?


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we have a fish tank. but thats always been there. he seemed to stop last night but hes doing it again today. he seems to be eating ok although he will only eat a few crickets. yesterday he only manged 2.

hes also pooping everyday, which is odd as he usually poops every second day.

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What are the temps in his tank and what type of thermometer are you using to measure them? What's the humidity level? Is it possible that he ate a cricket that was too large for him?
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