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I am currently taking care of one of our class pets. Her name is Squash, and I have no idea how old she is (I asked my teacher, she has no clue) I know she has not been getting the right lighting (My teacher had a 250 watt bulb in her fixture!!) I have gotten a new fixture (as the old one was all messed up, probably because the wattage was too high for it) and gotten her a 150 watt bulb. I also know she has not been getting any kind of calcium or supplements and she doesn’t have a UVB light at all. I have the suspicion that she also isn’t getting greens and veggies daily either (especially over the weekends) I have a few pictures that I have concerns about. Her belly sags and drags against the ground every time she eats, and there are concerning lumps on each side of her stomach. Her poops (I don’t have a picture of one because she always runs around in it and gets it everywhere) are incredibly runny, they’re nearly liquid. She also has a red light, which I know is not good for her or her eyes and I was going to get her a different one when I got the new bulb but I was worried it would shock her (as she’s had red ones all this time) I am trying my hardest to get her from my teacher (I’m going to offer to buy her by the end of the month) and hopefully I’ll be able to properly work on getting her back to peak health. I’m supposed to be giving her back in two days, is there anything I can/should do or should prepare for whenever I get her back?


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I remember I had a class pet in 5th grade and he was in very good health(His name was Krom). My teacher would let us feed him dusted roaches and collard greens once every other day and if there was something wrong with him she would take him to the vet. Loved him so much. And it was my idea and a couple other students once we heard that she had a bearded dragon that my teacher should have him as a class pet. She even had the right fixture and a Light tube and hood! I am so sorry that you're teacher isn't giving Squash the right life she deserves
Thank you for acknowledging there are teachers in the world that do take proper care of their dragons. I am a science teacher and my dragon is thriving with the proper set up at school and at home (both are 4x2x2) with the proper heating, lighting, and a variety of dusted veggies and feeders.


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Lizzy Lizardton
To the original poster, I think what you’re doing is admirable. Your teacher isn’t taking proper care and is frankly irresponsible if they aren’t willing to take advice. I don’t understand how an educated “professional” is not willing to educate themselves in the proper husbandry of the animals they choose to keep.

I’m a teacher too, and I have a bearded dragon that our entire campus loves. His name is Li-Z Lizardton (we thought he was a she so had to modify the Lizzy). He comes home with me everyday, and never spends the night at the school. He rarely exhibits signs of stress, which is likely because he’s been socialized on a daily basis since he was young. If he does get uncomfortable or become stressed, he goes back to his enclosure to relax.

I think you’re doing the right thing by trying to provide the necessary items Squash needs, and I hope your teacher comes to realize Squash would be better off with you. Someone does need to be informed about the neglect taking place in that classroom though because that’s unacceptable. Perhaps there is an administrator you can tell?

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