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Hello all,

I just wanted to post an FYI for those who will notice the change. Up until now email notifications about a reply on a thread or conversation (aka DM/PM), have included the full text of the reply. I've changed this to require clicking on the provided link/button to view the reply.

For some, I know this will be annoying. It's convenient for me too in many cases to just eyeball a reply and not have to click to the site.

But, the main reason for this change is that I often get people replying to the notification email (which is technically an "unmonitored" mailbox; I'm just watching it for now since our big software migration). Those email replies will never be seen by the person who replied. Another other reason is that there is frequently more than one reply, and the person may not realize that unless they go to view the thread. And this brings me to the third reason... the system only sends an email about replies once until the person views the thread again (to avoid spamming mailboxes). If they do not actually go view the thread, they'll never be told about additional replies unless they go read the reply they were notified about.

Anyway... hopefully this isn't too much headache for y'all. In most cases, if you're a regular user, your logged in session is cached on your browser and its just one click to view a message/reply. I'm in the same boat, where it is convenient for me to just glance at the email... but given the downsides of how it has been until now, I think this will be better for the community/members as a whole.

Thank you for your understanding.

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