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I'll be getting our first beardie in a few weeks from a local breeder. They are almost 3 months since they hatched. Got the place set up for him already. Got a 50w halogen bulb for basking. My only probles are for his uvb. Went to all the hardware stores, petshops and i cant find reptisun 10.0. It's very frustrating. All i could find were exo-terra Solar Glo 125w and 160w. And this brand called reptiglo 10.0

I know reptisun and arcadia are the only best options available but can'f find them. Will the exo terra do? Tried to get them online but they don't ship. By the way i'm from Brunei, a small country in Borneo. Temps here range from 75F to 90F day time and not less than 77F at night time. Humidity is around 66% on average.

Will house here at the patio in a 3x2x2 wooden cabinet, drilled in additional vents and added sliding glass windows.

So, again will exo terra do? If not i might not adopt her then.

Sorry, reposted this from Introductions thread. It was on the wrong thread.


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One thing though. The Solar Glo bulbs are MVBs (mercury vapor bulbs).

They provide Heat, Light, UVA, and UVB all at the same time. If you use
one, you will most likely not need any additional heat/light over his basking
area (might need some on the "dark"/"cool" side just for lighting though)

Also, MVBs have a minimum safe distance they have to be away from the
basking area (usually about 12 - 13 inches). With a wooden viv, they often
have the lighting fixtures built inside, so make sure you've got the correct
safe distance.


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Thanks for all the comments. I now have a solar bulb 125w mvb. The 160w i initially bought was too high.
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