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So my boy was blowing bubbles and my BD was super excited by these bubbles floating about. Just now my wife took the BD out and was giving her some bonding time and my boy being a BOY blew some bubbles and the beardie whipped her tongue out and caught one!!!!! It was actually stuck there on the edge of her nose!!! I cannot believe she did that and I really cannot believe it didn't burst!! My wife burst it and Tengu my BD looked hilarious.

Now while this was funny I am concerned about the bubble chemical that may of got into her mouth. It would if been a tiny, tiny, tiny amount and we gave her water instantly.

Do you think that's okay? Now she is in her tank eating veg!

Thank you


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I wouldn't think the small amount that she might have gotten in her mouth would affect her especially since you diluted it right away and she is acting fine.

Just keep an eye on her.


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Hi there

Thanks for the reply. Yes she was completely fine and no problems. She is currently standing up against the glass watching me type. It is very weird because every time I post on this site she watches me!!

Thanks again!


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kingofnobbys":22g7j2h9 said:
She just wants you to get her out for some quality time ....

You would think that...... when get her out she trying to get back in. She is such a teenager right now!
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