Brumation Prep?

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So lately, my dragon Venus has been sluggish and only sleeps most of the day. I know this is due to brumation, but she refuses to go into her cardboard hide, which has a blanket, so is it okay to place her in there and just leave her alone? She perks up when i take her out while im doing things (looking for more beardies, online, of course,etc.), but she doesnt enjoy being roused at first.. So is it okay to just leave her? thanks

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Hi there....yes it's fine to leave her alone and let her sleep. You can offer her water about every 10 days, take her out for a shallow, warm bath to give her a chance to drink. Of course you need to be right with her.Then pat her dry completely and put her back in the warm tank so she doesn't get chilled.
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Mirage entered brumation yesterday, I'm gonna miss hanging out with my little guy.
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I just walked into my room and instead of looking at me, Swordtail's eyes darted directly to the ice cream drumstick I'm holding
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