Brumation? or sick?

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My beardie henrik has not been the same for about 4 weeks now.Hes not eating anything or even basking? A feed him crickets and waxworms. He usally munches thum when a put them in his viv, but he just looks at them or when the get close he shuts his eyes.Hes been sleeping on the bottom of the viv alot recently.A ust to have him on sand but last saturday i change it to kitchen roll.Hes not as active aswell? I have been reading other peoples problems like mine and i sounds like brumation but am not sure? Only had him for 5 months now.Hes a male and hes 2 years old.
Can any1 help me ............


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hmm, it might be brumation, but they usually eat.
what type of lights do you have?
if you have, what type of UVB do you have?
what are the temps?
what type of veggies do you give him?
do you give him calcium and supplements?
do you give him baths?
when was the last time he pooped?
what size enclosure?

i hope hes feeling better soon!!! :)


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Original Poster a arcadia uvb buld and a elstein lamp for heat.
My temps are 95f - 100f through the day adn 65f-70f at night time.
He dosent eat any veg or fruit? Last owner had same problem with him??
Dust my food 2-3 times a week with calcium and multivitiamin.
He popped last saturday.
Usally give him baths but havent for abt 3 weeks now.
48" long. 18" width. 21" high.



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i think i may know the problem.
as for uvb lights, there are few that provide the right lighting that beardies need. i recommend switching it with ReptiSun 10.0, which you can get on pet, or repti glo 8.0 or 10.0
also, they do need veggies. heres a site that shows the appropriate foods that are good- foods highlighted green are the best.
hope that helps^^


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ok....A got told that the arcadia D3 12% is slightly better than the reptisun10.0? A had repti glo coil bulb before a switched to the arcadia. A Cant get a reptisun as a live in the UK,Pet mountain dosent to deliveres to UK. A tryed to get a reptisun before a got the arcadia. When a was asking peolple on the website about lighting they suggested arcadia.
My beardie eat the day :) 7 waxworms and 1 cricket. That was the 1st time hes eat since last monday.
Dont know what 2 do???

Thanks for help..cavey


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Mines the same and she is just eating greens (when she's up) my lights / temps are fine so it's none of that


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Ave tryed feeding him greens but hes not intreseted n them? Hes been like that since a got him. A read about brumation today on this website from a link and am sure that is whats happening to him. Am going to get a vet to check him out and take a popp sample anaw :D make sure hes ok. hopefully hell be fine. He just sits their and watches the world go past lol he looks fine and when a take him out he just sleeps on me :D

Any help will be helpful ...cavey
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