Brumation at 5 months?

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Brumation is different for each BD. Also, it depends on the age of your dragon. If your dragon is 1 year or older (or very close to one year) follow info in article. If your dragon is younger you're going to have to keep on rousing them to make sure they're getting the nutrition they need to grow. Look at the post above yours and click on the link for the article on brumation, it's very informative.


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I have a beardie thats displaying the same actions slinky is 6 mts old we just changed his uv bulb which is a repti sun he refuses to eat crixs which he loved so we changed to locusts, waxworms as a treat but hes still not eating like he use to he loved his salad of dandalion endive and a mix of other things now just picks at it he always was lazy when it came to staying up late but always gets at least 12 hrs light we brought him to the vet cos we thought something was wrong and she checked him for parasits and he was perfect nothing wrong but there is one thing he can get very active early in the day pacing up and down his viv and heading bobbing we were told he could be at sexual maturity and thats why hes not eating much but when will he start eating properly again we really do worry about him does any one have any ideas ? or mabe its early brumation too
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