Bored beardie?


Hey guys! Looking for some advice on my little man.

He's 8.5 months old, we got him back in April and recently he's been a bit off!

He used to be very active, up with his lights, rampaging around the living room and a very active hunter. The past month he's been hanging out in his sleepy spot, not keen on hunting at all and nowhere near the appetite he used to have. He won't touch crickets any more and will eat maybe 3-5 locust if we hand feed! He used to chase his locusts eagerly and eat around 14 at a time. He's still eating his greens but again not as much as before.

I know his age will have a factor in his decrease in appetite bur what's concerning me more is that he's going to bed early & getting up late.

I had a fecal test done around a month ago which showed 'a negligible amount' of pinworm ova abd no treatment was advised. Could this be the issue?

He weighs around 300g and looks a healthy weight. He is alert and not what I would call lethargic, maybe just a bit more prone to hiding & less active. He has a good set up 12% arcadia t5 basking spot is around 30 but he's an open door dragon so his vivarium isn't shut & he's free to roam the living room as he pleases, he's very good at going home to recharge & warm up.

I'm just worried that he's feeling poorly? And sad that he seems like he's enjoying life less!

Here's some recent photos of him for attention 😁 any advice/ opinions greatly received!


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His setup looks pretty good, the only thing i think personally would change is the separation between the uvb and basking. I would probably move the uvb so that there is some overlap between uvb and basking. Beardies do tend to slow down as they start nearing adult size, yours looks like he is very good size for 8.5 months old.
If his uvb is 8 or 9 months old as well it may have started producing less uvb. Correct heat and uvb are critical to every aspect of their health and behavior. I would double check those first. Basking needs to be 95 to 100 ferinhight (i apologize i don't know Celsius off top my head). If his setup is all good,as long as is eating and not loosing weight he's probably just being a typical beardie :)

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