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Best type of Bearded Dragon for new reptile Owner

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New member
Hi, im a new reptile owner and i was thinking about getting a bearded dragon. I already have a baby Iguana and i thought i would like to have another reptile.(i love reptiles!)

I'm not sure if theres a certain type of Bearded dragon i would like, i heard leather backs were pretty good, but still not sure. If anyone could help me with some care facts about them and their feeding habits, that would be great

Thanks :D


Juvie Member
Its basically whatever catches your eye. If you like how one looks over another. Just make sure that its in good health, active, nothing seeping from its eyes or nose and doesnt appear underfed. Make sure you can afford to feed them too. They eat like theres no tomorrow and it can get expensive to start off. And also instead of buying your crickets from a pet shop get them online in bulk. It will save you soooo much money, especially if you decide to begin breeding your feeders.
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