Best probiotic option please.

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I am just wondering what is the best option out there for probiotics.
We have a rescued Beardie that has been on and off meds for a respitory infection. She finished her last dose about a month ago but she still has some recovering to do and weight to gain and probiotics seem to help her immensely when she's having a few down days and helps pick her appetite back up.

We have used the bene-bac gel with her and the powder and both have worked great, I have just been reading that Acidophiliz could be a better option?

and I also found this stuff online I will post the link below, if anyone has any opinions on it let me know because if its good I'd deffinetly like to try it.

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I used to use the bene-bac gel but discovered that it contains a strain of bacteria that can be harmful to humans so I stopped with it. Acidophiliz+ is a good option but it isn't manufactured any longer as far as I know. The one you linked to is an Acidophilus based replacement made by Tracie from this site. It's a good one and is my go to now. I also suggest offering plenty of extra water via drops on her nose to help protect her kidneys and keep her hydrated.


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Ok I will deffinetly order the one I linked then.
And yes I have been giving her half a of a 1ml syringe of water every other day. Thanks so much :)
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