Best place to buy Bearded Dragons in St. Louis, Mo?

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I really want to get a bearded dragon, and was wondering if anyone knew of any reputable place in St. Louis to buy them. I've been to Tropical World Pets, and saw their breeders. It seemed like a really nice set up and all of their dragons looked very healthy. But even on sale everything was a little expensive for us. I also called The Exotic ARC which was quite a bit cheaper, but they only had baby dragons available. I was told that it's better to get juveniles due to their mortality rate as babies. I was also wondering if there are any other places in St. Louis (I don't want to buy from any chain pet stores). Thanks!



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i'm thinking of selling my dragon. she's full grown, big girl, great eater. i just don't have the time it takes to keep her happy.


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If you want to start out with a baby go out to High Ridge, there is a small store called Head to Tails Pet supplies, Cathi is AMAZING. She's done some rescue work with some adults and they look awesome! Tell her Keri sent you LOL.



I bought my first Beardie from there and had nothing but problems and a dead dragon. They do not keep their reptiles very well. After my first Beardie died I went back to snoop around at the quality of the other Beardies. Mutliple babies with kinked spines, dragging legs, kinks in tails and dead babies left in cages with other babies crammed into small cages.

Unfortunately I knew someone who worked there and the horror stories of what happens in that basement are something out of a thriller movie or something.

They also sell things they catch here in Missouri and sell them or breed them then sell the hatchlings. For example, they had a Collared Lizard nearly dead. I knew they couldn't legally sell those without permits and there was no talk of permits when buying it. I called the Conservation and they took it from that horrible places possession. Even the Conservation agent said they've been there so many times, so many tickets and visits to that place. I can't even believe a place like that can be in business. Me and my herping friends have boycotted that place. I rather pay higher prices than support that place.
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