"Beardie Vet" Dr. Jonathon Howard is Keynote Speaker at AHH/BHS Conference in March 2022 (UK)


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Dr Jonathon Howard aka the Australian ‘Beardie Vet’ will be speaking at the Drayton Manor Park conference in March 2022!:blob8:
Jonathon is an Australian exotics and wildlife veterinarian studying bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) in the wild. Graduating from the University of Sydney in 2010, he has worked in mixed animal practice and specialist small animal and exotic veterinary hospitals. In 2017, he started his research project “Haematology and plasma biochemistry reference intervals in wild bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps)”. On Facebook he is better known as the “BeardieVet” where he documents his fieldwork as well as bearded dragon clinical cases.
Jonathon has been keeping and breeding Australian lizards for over 20 years. His past experience also includes working at various zoos, a certified snake catcher in Sydney and being the Vice President of the Australian Herpetological Society.
His talk will include the ecology of Pogona vitticeps in their native habitat, such as basking temperatures, UVI, humidity, body size and diet as well as blood values. This data will help us as private keepers, herpetologists and vets to work together to provide the best welfare and husbandry practices for beardies to thrive in captivity.
You can see the full weekend line-up and tickets are on sale now, from www.thebhs.org.


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