Beardie has ADV?

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Hello Maquel,

That is good to hear he seemed to like his diluted apple juice, it is good for him. I hope he is
going to start feeling better. It sounds like he did spend some time basking since he was warmer
than he normally was. They can be very picky with greens. However, one thing I have found in
my experiences are that they do stop eating greens when they are slown down, or going into a
brumation phase but instead just prefer protein for the most part. Most of the time, they wont
usually starve themselves if they are indeed healthy.
Bee pollen is very safe so you can definitely use that daily, every other day or just a few times
per week, it is up to you really.
Brumation is a very normal behavior for most reptiles but not all brumate but a lot of them tend
to. It doesn't harm them & it does benefit them to get some rest sometimes. If he is healthy it
wont be harmful to him at all.

Let us know how he is doing.


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That’s good to know. I’ll definitely start watching him more closely to see if he starts to go into brumation. I typically take him out of his cage everyday to run around and get exercise though. But I guess we’ll see.

He’s been doing okay. Still isn’t wanting much of his greens. I gave him more diluted apple juice today and he just loves it. Besides that, I guess the only thing I’m concerned about now is him having freak episodes when I’m gone at work. The last three days I’ve gotten home, most of his decor is knocked over so that alone let me knows he freaked out over something. This isn’t the first time this has happened either. I have no clue what it could be. This has been an ongoing issue for quite some time. When I do see him begin his episode, he’ll begin by glass surfing and head butting the glass. When he does this and I’m around, I’ll take him out and try to calm him down. I don’t know if it’s his set up, boredom, or hunger. Or something else. I know stress isn’t good for them but he black beards at some point everyday whether it be when he freaks out inside his tank or when I take him out to run around. Either way, I feel like he has always gotten easily stressed, which has been difficult to manage since I don’t know exactly what’s going on.

Besides the glass surfing, he has been doing pretty good overall, I guess I’ll see more of how he is throughout the day this weekend since I won’t be at work all day.

Thank you for all the insight and advice by the way, you have been so extremely helpful and I’m so thankful!

Drache613 Sicko
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You are welcome, I am happy to help out. He may be going into a slight brumation where
he will just be a bit more sluggish but not go fully in to where he sleeps for weeks on end.
It seems like they all do something different.
They do usually like apple juice so at least he is getting some extra fluids.
It sounds like he is getting exercise but definitely misses not having you around. As far as
why he is freaking out or worrying with you gone, I am not sure but some do things like that.
Is he by a window where he could potentially see large birds of prey fly by, etc?
I hope he calms down some, hopefully over the weekend he will!



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Hi Tracie,

He is by a window yes. Even today during his glass surfing moment, I covered the back of his cage where the window is and he wouldn’t calm down still. Eventually I had to take him out and comfort him since his episode went on for about 30 minutes… I noticed today he’s kind of straining to pass stool. This morning, he passed just a little urate. Then he passed feces and urate. Then he passed a tiny bit of urate again. I’ve never seen him do this before and tried looking it up but wasn’t very successful with answers. He’s been really good besides his glass surfing though. Little man even let me clip his nails today and was very well behaved lol

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