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Bearded Dragon won’t move


New member
Hello. So My Bf’s Mom got a bearded dragon about a year ago now. He’s been very healthy and seemed pretty content as well. But He was moved into a new house for a few months and then he was moved back into the previous house he was in and he hasn’t been doing so good ever since. He doesn’t move for days at a time, sleeps a lot, barley even eats and doesn’t seem interested in anything. We checked the temp in his enclosure and it’s been pretty consistent but any ideas why he’s acting like this? She had wooden tiles in his closure but he didn’t seem to like it that much because he kept slipping so she got this cloth mat for the bottom and he seems like it a little bit better. He has a tree to climb and hide in and a little temple structure to hide in and sit on too. We give him fresh greens, worms, crickets etc... but still barely eats. She also said that the house he was previously at was very loud and that could have scared him. Any ideas or tips? Thank you so much!


BD.org Sicko
Basking temps and UVB are the two MOST important things in that tank NO coils for UVB No stickons for basking temps- how old is the UVB? This controls the behavior of the dragon and over all health -- please post a pic of the tank and dragon
https://www.beardeddragon.org/useruploads/ click on XIMG at the top of the message box then click on the pic it should post --- NO colored bulbs No sand No heat mats or rocks please - dragon will hide their illness for a long time till they no longer can - then things are NOT good --
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