Bearded Dragon Flakes?

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Hey, My bearded dragon recently pealed. When I picked her up I noticed small white flakes on my shirt and held her up and pet her beard and a bunch flaked off. The best way I can describe it is flakes like a human gets. I looked very closely and it seems like there is little threads of skin wrapped around each scale. Any ideas on what this is, and is this normal?


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Yup thats good old fashioned shedding.
Beardies often shed different parts of their body at a time. So you might notice her legs or tail shedding next.
Do make sure you are not pealing or rubbing any of the loose skin off as you can damage the scales underneath. It will come off in its own time.
It can be an uncomfortable time for your dragon so as SocialBeardedDragon said do offer her a nice warm bath (warm water, not hot, up to her armpits for at least 15minutes).



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No, That's not what I meant. I know what shedding is lol. After she shed i picked her up and small I mean REALLY small flakes were coming off, Like Dandruff. I looked very closely and around the scales were small thread like things around each scale. Remember these parts already sheded.
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