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Hi everyone, my beardie is about 10 and is having some issues with her weight. She's been to the vet, who did bloodwork and said all was normal, except she is very underweight (she was in someone else's care for a while and I recently got her back). I've had her eating wax worms and greens just about every day, but the local store is out until Tuesday :cry: So now I'm wondering, with trying to get her weight up I don't want to go that long without protein; what's a good backup food?

I've seen people mention scrambled eggs and wet cat food, butthat they are too high in fat and protein for berdies. But, if she's underweight wouldn't that be a good thing?


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Here is a website for nutrition
A rounded diet will add weight - you want it balanced out and not all at once -- feed as many BSFL as you want and feed the dubias as the main diet staple the BSFL are a good compliment but they are small - do not dust them -- they are calcium enriched -- the dubia can be kept in a 10 gallon tank feed dubia food and carrots or squash for hydration -- if you have more questions or need more websites for insects /worms please ask I will post more


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It is best to feed your cat with dry food since this food has all the vitamins it needs for a healthy cat. It is important to always stock up on food, as sometimes you have to wait a few days for the needed food to be available. Last month I saw an advertisement for Time Release Food Dispensers for your cat and decided to buy one. I work a lot, so I can't always feed my cat on time. It was a smart investment because now I don't have to worry about my cat being hungry.


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Needs more diversity. Wax worms arnt the best as a staple. Nothing beats dubias, at least not that I've found. But remember varity is key to a good life. My staples are dubias and collard greens but they get a lot lore then that. I also give nutrigrubs, hornworms, meal worms/supper worms, dandelion greens, mustard greens, squash, carrots, various fruits as treats and repashy beardie buffet on occasion. If there are things she likes a lot and others she doesn't try mixing them together, say she loves roaches but hates greens, put a few roaches in the greens ans she'll likely eat greens just trying to get the roaches.

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