Are you serious?

Can you believe the lady in the store told me that Rocky doesn't understand me? okay, okay- let's go back!
Buying that gel stuff for the dubias (I am in disbelief that I can't think- lol), we were in a discussion about reptiles. No biggie. I see a baby basically swimming in the water dish. She told me he was constipated. When he got out, I moved on. This was probably the problem right here....

Then we spoke about Rocky. Flipping though my phone she saw pictures and videos of him. Some videos where I talk to Rocky (who is facing me)about randomness but as soon as I say, "Do you want to go to your enclosure?" Rocky turns his back and sits back in the window. Or another video where I say, "Close your eye so I can get your shed"- see earlier post. These are not common phrases. I also don't do gestures to freak Rocky out.

Anyways, this lady tried to explain how tone means a certain phrase to Rocky. I understand what she means but I explained how some of these things were said for the first time. Like last night, Rocky sat in the window for 5 minutes while I did something, it was close to his bedtime so he got down. I watched to see how he was going to do it because the bench had something on it. The room was a mess. While I am referring to mostly clothing, I did have a lamp on the floor I was throwing out. Rocky jumped on the lampshade. We all know that he's a frog! I said awwwwwwwwwwwww Rocky. He glows like he did something great!!! Now that he understands because I awww at everything. "Awww Good Morning- awwwwwwwwww you walked- awwwwwwwww you're beautiful" - this is why he's so spoiled today.
So while on the lamp, I said, "Don't move from the lamp so I can get my phone." - it's the first time this has happened so it's the first time I said this phrase- I purposely said it in a mickey mouse voice too. I'm testing theories right LOL
Guess who stayed on the lamp? Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Rocky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No one in this world will ever convince me that Rocky doesn't understand- I don't care, I don't care~
Proof is in the pudding- I took the pic. As beardie parent, we know that beardies will run from the phone. Now remember, this lamp is on the floor, it's not a floor lamp and it's low so Rocky would surely run away. It was solely for the purposes of him landing.
Rocky and I will make a trip to the store today to tell THIS story (just kidding!)

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They definitely understand stuff. Snicker Doodles will be in the floor halfway between Christina and I and we will both start calling her over. She will look at both of us and 90% of the time she will run straight to me. I praise her and tell her what a good girl she is....... and stick my tongue out at christina lol. (The other 10% she runs to Sinatra or my bedroom)

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