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Any Beardie Slaves in NorCal??

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Spoony":1pls1ilq said:
Welcome fellow NorCal slave!

If Taz continues to not eat for another week, then I would look into the baby food option. Relocation stress can last up to two weeks and your baby should hopefully begin to eat after that. Remember to always offer fresh food every day, even if it's just recycling worms. Also make sure to always offer fresh wet greens. :)

I just posted on the feeding board about Taz not wanting to eat again, this time the phoenix worms .. I know it sounds silly but I changed the bowl and ate 6 worms out of the shallower one .. Now the first bowl is probably only an inch high if that!! I did not even use a bowl for the shallower one I used the top of the multi-vitamin jar I got for Taz and it worked .. I don't know if Taz was just being picky or what but at least he/she ate.

Ya I was reading about the baby food, seems to work for many people. I will give Taz til Thursday which marks our 2 weeks and introduce baby food if I don't see progress.

I offer mustard greens every day and Taz won't touch them yet but I continue to every morning in hopes of seeing something gone.

Thank you


I see this topic isn't recently active, but I'm going to resurrect it anyway :D Modesto, checking in! Nice to meet you all.


Redding here! Have had our beardie since June 2012. Echo is the best. Very easy going and loves to cuddle up close to us. :D
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