Angels Castle - A poor mans journey to building a castle.

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I decided this would be a really cool project, if you read my post in the Enclousers section then you know what this topic is about! Somewhat atleast!

I decided im gonna build him a "cage" enclouser of glass/wood and i thought it would be an awsome idea to update this post AS i build it, making this post a guide and a public journal for the project.


As of right now this project will begin tomorrow, i will begin my hunt for materials tomorrow in every location i possibly can, and will draw out some plans tonight (will post them tomorrow morning so everyone can have a general idea of my finished work).


Let the artwork begin! =]

Also, if anyone can link me to any good websites for DIY cages and materials that would be safe for him, would help me ALOT so i dont get something risky!


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a bad situation turned worse, family was in a car accident (thank god everyone was ok, but my little sister had to be taken to the emergency room, and now has to wear a back brace for several months.) but the car was totalled. A mod is welcome to delete this post, i will have to put it on long hold for now. Just hope Angel doesnt decide to poop out another foot in length :blob8: .

Sorry ya'll.
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