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Hi I’m wondering if anyone can tell me how old Stew is? I got him in June and they figured between 4-6 months old. I would like to know if that’s right since other 4 month old beardies look a lot smaller than he was. He’s been putting himself to sleep a lot earlier in the evening and I’m wondering when to switch to a more green diet so age is helpful! Thanks!! One is the day we got him and then now.

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10 months is probably a decent guess. He has grown quite a bit since you got him. Since they all grow at different rates it's tough to say exactly how old he is without knowing a hatch date. What is his current weight (in grams)? How long is he from nose to tail tip? While it's good to start introducing plenty of veges to his diet even now, he may not transition to eating more of it for a few more months yet.


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Ok thank you! He is about 16-17” long but not sure about weight. He’s just been getting so lazy. He wakes up around 8 but then doesn’t move much until after 1. Then he goes to bed by 6:30-7 before his lights are out. It made me question if he was starting to bromate even though I don’t know much about it but he’s not a year yet either..


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He could still grow a few inches over the next several months. I'd keep a log of his weight though, since that will help identify any underlying health issues as well as provide a metric for his growth. Adults are generally (this can vary a lot) about 400-600g or so. When they go into brumation, they slow their metabolism so they eat less and act sleepier, but their weight remains pretty stable.
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