Adenovirus after host has left


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I had to put my beardie down because of the adenovirus (RIP Stevie :cry: ) about a month and a half ago, and I'm looking into getting another. I've rebuilt the tank, but am concerned about the other, solid items that I've had locked away in the closet for a while (after bleaching them a bit).

How long does the adenovirus last outside of a host? Could there be traces of the virus (on my floor or table, for example) that can last longer than a month and a half, that I should be concerned about? I wasn't able to find much information online regarding this. I really don't want to infect a future beardie that I acquire.


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I'm not sure how long the virus can last on surfaces. It's certainly better to be safe with that one though. I suggest using a steam cleaner to disinfect everything, or using a veterinary disinfectant like F10. If you are able to clean and then disinfect all of the surfaces, then I'd think the risk of transmission to a new dragon would be minimal. It's good to have some F10 and/or a steam cleaner on hand anyway so you can disinfect surfaces easily on a regular basis.

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