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Hello all,

I've been getting a TON of emails about people not being able to activate their accounts, and all seem to be from Yahoo. Apparently, at some point, Yahoo has started to display blank emails for the Welcome/activation emails. It's possible for other of our emails as well.

I am wondering if you Yahoo users already registered are seeing issues with the emails coming from the forums? I was about to just decide to stop supporting Yahoo, because I cannot figure out why they are not displaying it. But then I saw that within the past year, we've had 700 accounts logged in with a Yahoo account tied to it.

At first, I thought it was the "HTML" (pretty) emails, so I changed it to simple text and tested. But that's still displaying blank emails. And what's horrible is that in Yahoo, when I look at the "RAW message", I see the text of the email right there and I don't see anything wrong with it.

I'm looking for feedback from the Yahoo people (who have Yahoo setup with your account here)... are you seeing issues?



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When I went to register my email also showed up blank but somehow I got it to work. Unfortunately I don't remember how I made it work.


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As I am also a yahoo user, the problem we yahoo users face is for resetting our emails password, if someone forgets its password then for resetting password we face some sort of difficulties.
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