2y old beardie developing follicles


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Okay finally update! Vet had covid last week so the appointment was rescheduled to today.

We did check up and ultrasound. The vet said the follicles have come down significantly and have pretty much reabsorbed. She said there is trace or one or two still there but she said they will certainly resolve on their own at this rate and she isnt worried.

Long short of it: she's reabsorbed them!

She's been otherwise healthy and weight is coming back down as it should. She's been hiding but face starting to shed 😄 so shes a little cranky

Vet said no need for surgery and advised against it for the time. We are back to our usual 6 monthly health checks now without any issues.

Can't begin to express how much relief I'm feeling!! I've been worried about this for months !


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Sorry for reviving this thread but.. after the previous eggs went down, I noticed in Feb that Charlie was pumping up again, and her appetite was massive

Even last night I felt her tummy and it was lumpy. I told the vet about it last week and I said I suspected she was forming eggs again

And this morning she laid them! 24 eggs!



She seems a bit fatigued and ate a small handful of BSFL, but her tummy is so flat now, I think it really buggered her out 😋 I put some extra BSFL in her bowl with some salads. She woke up twice in the night and was scratching around early this morning so hopefully she can rest a bit today now that they're out 😌


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Oh my, that is a pile of eggs there. I am sure she feels a lot better now! :)
At least she didn't have any trouble laying them. Be sure to give her some extra calcium for
a few weeks to help her body's calcium stores after laying.



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Waha thanks 😊 they aren't fertile or anything but I'm glad she didn't have any issues shelling and laying 😁
But you know what the problem is/was and most importantly, she should be pain free!!!!!!!! I was nervous about getting a female for this exact reason but see, you have helped many others via your experience!!!!
(And I still consider you a grandparent, even if only for a moment. I don't know if they know the difference, lol- she did a lot of work!! :love:) Do you see those eyes in that last pictureLOL


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Thanks so much guys 😋 she is doing really great. She's just as hungry as ever, I've given her some different bugs the last few days with extra calcium to help her put some of her reserves back on. Hopefully that's the last bunch of the season as summer is about over here (even if we did just go through a heat wave 😵)


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I was going to post to up the calcium for a lil bit, but you got this 👍. I know egg laying scares the bejebbers out of every one, but it is natural and i think if they can lay them, being spayed shouldn't even be considered, we scare ourselves into unnecessary truma for them i think. (That was meant for others considering it, your girl did great!!)

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