1. L

    Help my bearded dragon has a bump

    weird bump I don’t know when it showed up. He’s 4 years old btw. He also has a weird black scale that repeatedly comes back I don’t know if they’re related. there are no exotic animal vets where I live nor can I afford it. also, the black scale. he has had for about a Year or two
  2. S

    Scale concern - tip of nose/chin

    Hi guys! I've never posted here before but I'm at a point where I can't find any answers about this concern, so here it goes! Shredder is my ~3 year old beardie (male). We got him at Petco (I know this is terrible and I won't do it again) and kept him in a large breeder for most of his...
  3. S

    Scale discolouration

    Hi everyone! New to the forum so please bear with me. My 6 month old male has developed some discolouration above his left eye. I first noticed it at the start of July where it looked as if he was just going into shed as it was a little white patch. However it’s gotten darker over the weeks...
  4. colbertf

    Damaged scabby scale

    Hi, My little guy (8 months) has what looks like some kind of scab or damaged scale issue on the side of his mouth. Just this week he'd come out of a partial face shed. Here are some photos, I'm not sure if I might need to treat it in some way or just leave it?
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