scale rot?

  1. Aruna

    What is going on with her tail?

    Trying to figure out what is wrong with her tail just recently noticed this change at the base and am very concerned, she’s two years old this April/2023
  2. Dragondog45

    Help strange patch on Bearded dragon? Don’t know what it is

    Hello I have a young bearded dragon named Bowser. She is around 10 months old and has a diet of crickets, mealworms and veggies. I usually keep her humidity low but recently the weather has made her cage humid above 40%. I am getting a dehumidifier to fix the issue. I have noticed this weird...
  3. S

    How to tell the difference between damaged scales and scale rot?

    Hi, New beardie owner here. We adopted a 14 month old female dragon. Here is my introduction post which has all the infor on setup and diet: So. The previous owner had a lot of rocks and other small pointy objects. So she had some damaged scales on her tummy. We're working on switching to a...
  4. A

    Dark spots on my beardie

    I recently adopted my beardie but I noticed these dark spots showing up on him every once and awhile I’m afraid its scale rot but I can’t tell!
  5. nuclearkielbasa

    Black scales - shed damage, fungus, or worse?

    We've taken a look at an adoption that we'll be (most likely) taking home in march- a 3-year-old male who's not handled much - and he has a few disconcerting patches on him. His owners say they are 'left over from stuck shed'. He doesn't have anything on his abdomen, just a few black patches on...
  6. M

    Top of Head Question

    My beardie, Delta, has been having some issues lately. (I’m currently treating her for a moderate case of pinworms daily, by syringe) and also giving her 0.07 mL of calcium glubionate syrup every 24 hours. My vet recommended that, since she dropped weight from her parasites. Delta also is...
  7. HeliosTheBeardie

    Scale rot/ yellow fungus

    Help ease my mind… what does this look like to you? We have a vet appt on Monday. Husbandry is as near to perfect as can get in conjunction with vets advice, she just went through a round of baytril( intramuscular injection) for a suspected GI tract infection and I have noticed this recently. I...
  8. E

    black on eyelid

    hello my beardie is in good health and today I took him out he was acting completely normal didn't seem in pain and his eye were wide open but I then noticed some black-brown stuff up on the crease of his eyelids I was worried as maybe it could be some time of scale rot but it looks more like...
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