1. S

    Possible Stuck Shed or Rash, Please help.

    My beardie has been rubbing her face a bit, but kind of stopped now. But her face has some shed something and I'm unsure what to do.
  2. T

    Bearded dragon frantically glass surfing

    My 4 year old male bearded dragon has been constantly glass surfing the past few days. I have no idea why. The temp is 99f. He gets good daily. He has hides. One thing is that I started feeding him pellets again. He loves the pellets. I'm wondering if he's glass surfing to try to get me to give...
  3. Cadet_Alpha

    Mystery cut

    My Bearded dragon got a random scab on his face, he doesn't share a terrarium with anyone. The scab fell to reveal a deep hole in between his eye and nostril. How did he get this and how concerned should I be?
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