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My Bearded dragon got a random scab on his face, he doesn't share a terrarium with anyone. The scab fell to reveal a deep hole in between his eye and nostril. How did he get this and how concerned should I be?


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Do you have a picture of this? It could possibly be an abscess based on your description. Is there any pus or discharge present?


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I don't have one of me wiping it off, but that's what it looks like now. Some sort of fluid filled it but it was empty when I first noticed it.


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Hmm...I see some other concerning areas around the beardie's mouth.. Are they similar to the "hole" you're describing? Could it be mouth rot? Has a vet taken a look? I found a similar sounding thread on our forums so maybe it could help a bit. I would recommend taking your beardie to the vet but meanwhile I will tag a couple of members who may know more. @Drache613 @AHBD.

Meanwhile, could you share a photo of the enclosure so we can see how everything is positioned and what equipment you're using? UVB is especially critical for beardie's health so if you aren't already doing so, I would highly recommend Arcadia 12 % UVB T5 HO fluorescent tube bulb or Reptisun 10.0 UVB T5 HO Tube Fluorescent Bulb. Is your tank at least a "40 gallon breeder tank" -approx 50 gallons and what are the humidity readings in the enclosure? What are your temps in your basking zone and your cool side? I hope your beardie starts feeling better soon and others chime in with additional advice. Take care!

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I agree that it would be good to post pics of the entire set up, is there anything that he might be trying to squeeze under that could have caused it ? I don't think he has the same problem as the dragon in the linked post but there are some odd spots around his mouth [ if that's not food ] that as Shinryu mentioned could be the start of mouth rot. If he is developing mouth rot he very possibly is rubbing his face on objects in the tank. You might have a qualified vet look at it, until then you can use raw unpasteurized honey on those areas or some watered down betadine but be careful not to get it in his eye. Honey is perfectly fine if it gets in the eye though. BTW, he sure looks dapper in his profile picture . :)

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How is your dragon doing? Pictures would be great if possible.
He definitely has some issues there, possible infection. Raw unpasteurized honey is really helpful & is very safe for the mouth,
eye & face area too.
How is his appetite doing?

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