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    So last week Igneel went through a shed but it was only his tail just want to confirm that this color change between his back and tail is due to his back starting to shed (added a pic of his shedding and a pic of his original color)
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    Red lump on feet

    Hi, I noticed these two red looking bumps on my dragons back feet. The right foot is swill and the left has the same mark but not swollen. What could they be?
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    Lump on back with black discolouration

    Hi all just a quick visit here before i book into the vets. My dragon is around 2 years old and has recently developed a lump on his back near to his shoulder. There seems to be black discolouration spreading across his back now. The lump feels solid and it makes his skin feel like some shed...
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    Bearded Dragon Mouth Discoloured

    Hi, Had my dragon for few months now but he’s just shed his tails, legs and lips but he’s got this discolouration under his lips for about 2 weeks now and not too sure what it’s from or it’s a form of shedding but never seen it before. He’s been waking up early before his lights are due on and...
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